The CPNCSC is composed of persons appointed by the Minister of Education and by the Cree School Board. The board of directors is composed of the following members:

  • a maximum of five representatives appointed by the Cree School Board;
  • a maximum of four representatives appointed by the Minister;
  • a president and a vice-president designated by the members of both delegations.

The president of the CPNCSC must be a Cree School Board representative, while the vice‑president is chosen from among the persons designated by the Minister.


  • Organize, coordinate and direct the negotiation of the provincial sectorial matters contained in the collective agreements, namely those elements that fall under the organization of work and include, among others, union prerogatives, organization of workload, conditions of employment, security of employment, movement of personnel, grievances and arbitration.

To clearly define CPNCSC’s mandate, a memorandum of understanding determines the rules and practices governing:

  • its mode of operation;
  • the manner in which Cree School Board and ME representatives have a casting vote at deliberations of the CPNCSC;
  • its method of financing;
  • the remuneration paid to its members or agents.