The CPNCSC is composed of persons appointed by:

  • the Minister of Education;
  • the Cree School Board.

The CPNCSC was created under the Act respecting the process of negotiation of the collective agreements in the public and parapublic sectors (CQLR, chapter R-8.2), which sets the framework for the negotiation of the working conditions of employees of school boards.


  • prepares provincial bargaining proposals;
  • submits requests to the Conseil du trésor for bargaining mandates related to the collective agreements of teachers, professionals and support staff of the Cree school board;
  • organizes, coordinates and directs the negotiation of the provincial sectorial matters contained in the collective agreements, namely those elements that fall under the organization of work and include, among others, union prerogatives, organization of workload, conditions of employment, security of employment, movement of personnel, grievances and arbitration;
  • negotiates provincial sectorial matters only, while the government negotiates provincial intersectorial matters included in the collective agreements (salaries, pension plans, group insurance plans, regional disparities, parental rights, etc.) directly with the central union bodies.